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This website is designed to host, document, and showcase various projects that I have been working on, rather than having them only visible through scattered through a broken Twitter timeline. Hopefully this will allow this work to reach a wider audience, and allow you the viewer to perhaps learn about something new.

Where to find me:

Twitter: @ChartreuseK
Email: kit -at- ckits -dot- ca

This theme was designed originally for my personal university website, and has been converted to work with Jekyll for this site. The site originally was done very clean and modern in HTML5 with CSS for styling, but has since been re-written more into a mix of HTML3.2/HTML4 using table layouts and similar hacks. While it's now wrtiten in a very vintage way it's still set up to be very responsive and display on small phone screens as well as large displays. Showing that responsive design can be done in a compatible way, even if the source code is a bit ugly. I encourage you to test this out on old browsers and see for yourself. The site will load over plaintext http if you're using an old enough browser to not be upgraded to TLS1.2 for the secure part.

As well you can also check out my other retro site at

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